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MGSU students took part in Civil Engineering Convention 2024 at ITU

MGSU students took part in Civil Engineering Convention 2024 at ITU

MGSU students took part in Civil Engineering Convention 2024 at ITU

MGSU students took part in the international student construction conference Civil Engineering Convention 2024 (CivilCon’24) at Istanbul Technical University (Turkey) from March 8 to 12, 2024.

Civil Engineering Convention (CivilCon) is an international event that caters to various engineering fields, primarily targeting civil engineers and architects. CivilCon, organized by the ITU Civil Engineering Society established in 1990, has been held annually since 2006, consistently adding value to the participant and sponsor company community. 

The conference was attended by students and postgraduates from Azerbaijan, Albania, Iran, Turkey and Russia. The participants gained international experience and knowledge in the field of construction from ITU professors and representatives of leading Turkish companies at lectures and seminars. Also students had an opportunity to work with advanced building materials and assemble complex structures in international teams, as well as to get acquainted with the rich history of architectural and construction sites in Istanbul during various workshops.

As a part of CivilCon, the International Night was held, during which foreign participants from all around the world introduced their countries, traditions, and cuisines, fostering camaraderie and providing enjoyable time for everyone.

MGSU representatives not only gained international experience and new knowledge, but also brought fascinating memories of the days spent among the international student community of future specialists in the construction industry.


The organizers of the conference invited MGSU to participate in the following events, the nearest of which is the VIII Concrete Canoe Competition and Festival Concrete Canoe Competition 2024, May 4-5, 2024, and expressed interest in developing multilateral cooperation and participation in events held by MGSU. It was agreed that participation in CivilCon’24 may pave the way to the long-term cooperation between universities.

MGSU would like to thank Istanbul Technical University for holding such an important event, which contributes to developing engineers in the industry and facilitates interconnection between engineering candidates and experts of the industry.

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