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Head: Pavel Kapyrin, PhD

Scientific-and-technology activity plays a special role in MGSU. Organization and coordination of this area are provided by the Scientific and Technical Department. The main task of Scientific and Technical Department is the transfer and commercialization of scientific and research activities results in the production technology of construction industry around the world.

Organization and coordination of projects within the framework of scientific and production activities performed by scientific departments of the University;
Development of the University material and technical base to ensure a high level of scientific research in promising areas of construction science; 
Human resources development by attracting university students, graduates and young scientists to the knowledge-intensive applications addressed by the scientific and industrial activity.
An important aspect of MGSU research and innovation complex activity is the involvement of students and graduate students in the research activities of the university. Participation of young scientists in conferences, seminar-schools, competitions for grants, and exhibitions is an integral part of MGSU scientific and technical activities. 

 The main objectives of Scientific and Technical Department are:

  • collecting and information distribution about the MGSU structural
  • subdivisions services, holding events
  • materials preparation and distribution for the internal and external
  • information sharing
  • organization and holding of events and seminars, workshops and conferences
  • participation of employers of MGSU at the TV and radio programs
  • permanent communication with editorial office of construction
  • newspapers and magazines, publishing of the articles, press releases and other information about the MGSU activities
  • MGSU taking part in International Construction Conferences, organization and holding the onsite conferences, seminars, roundtables during the exhibitions;
  • permanent contact with members of MGSU Supervisory Board, support to Association of the MGSU-MICI Graduates public, associations and alliances relations
  • internal and external publicity
  • issuing and publishing of the books «We are from MICI»; publishing of the first book from the anthology «MGSU-MICI faculties. History and Actual.» , the first edition of the book «My dear Capital, my golden Moscow» dedicated to the MGSU and its graduate's participation to the Moscow construction at the turn of 20-21th centuries; participation of the special MGSU events, anniversaries etc.
  • develops student’ s activities. There are the permanent working school of students active and public youth councils
  • the organization works to prepare the university events and programs
  • organizes the good condition of propaganda teams performances
  • puts a lot of attention to the international education of the student through the interclub activity
  • supports the innovative activity and the initiatives of the youth
  • organizes the humour competition of the Club of the Funny and Inventive
  • holds student celebratory events
  • organizes the regular repetitions of the art collectives and groups
  • arranges the different clubs for students activities
  • prepares of spots for amateur performing works with the creative collectives
  • creative supervising of the student's events
  • organizes the work of the Active Group to represent the University at the events
  • youth leader school
  • organizes the student university events
  • role-playing games aimed at nurturing feelings of patriotism and friendship among peoples, conflict prevention and post-conflict reconciliation;
  • roundtable on cyclical completion corresponding to philosophical and moral principles;
  • meetings and conferences aimed at the development of the all-Russian identity and ideology approvement;
  • master classes on public speaking and acting skills, personal self-fulfilment, legal aspects, successful communication training;
  • lectures, reports, discussions on various branches of knowledge, theme parties, oral magazines, evenings of questions and answers, discussions, meetings with veterans of labour and war, representatives of science, technology, literature and art;
  • improving the knowledge of young people about the ethnic and cultural diversity of the world by organizing events such as "Meet the country!";
  • organization of work with foreign graduates, communicating with them through online communities, that allows to track their professional development;
  • preparation and implementation of the cultural program with visits to museums, theatres, concert halls, exhibitions, excursions to the historical sites in Russia;
  • correcting information after the evaluation of any activities conducted by the Expert Council of the representatives of management, social, administrative, legal and law enforcement organizations.

University Research Institutes, Scientific Educational Centers, Research Laboratories, and Scientific-Technical Centers are involved in the scientific and technical activities.

For efficient use of innovative equipment in the educational and research processes as well as for full use of university units there functions an Innovative Equipment Common Use Center.

Material and technical base and personnel potential of the University corresponds to the world standards and allows solving the most urgent and complex scientific and production problems within the industry in the following areas:

    1. Research and design of building structures

    2. Building materials and technology

    3. Nanotechnology in construction

    4. Computer simulation in construction

    5. Intelligent systems in construction

    6. Construction safety (including fire, production, seismic and ecologic safety)

    7. Monitoring the condition of buildings and structures

    8. Construction aerodynamics and aeroacoustics

    9. Water supply and sanitation

    10. Mechanics of soil, bases and foundations engineering. Geotechnics

    11. Waterworks, including located on the continental shelf seas

    12. Legal and technical support for the construction industry (Eurocodes)

    13. Energy efficiency and energy resource saving in construction

    14. Forensic and technical expertise

    15. Architecture and urban planning

    16. Mechanization and automation of construction enterprises

    17. Energy sector and special construction

    18. Real Estate and Housing management


Head: Anna Doroshenko

Scientific and Innovation activity of MGSU is determined by strategic and tactical objectives of the National Research University, the main of which is the development of scientific potential and the formation of MGSU innovative zone.

Research and teaching staff of the university and research teams carry out scientific research within the seven major research areas:

    - construction and architecture: modern quality living environment in comprehensive development conditions — architectural, engineering, urban planning, social and humanitarian aspects;

    - integrated safety in the building: integrated safety facilities and building systems, environmental safety of urban areas;

    - energy resource efficiency of the engineering systems of buildings, structures and construction equipment;

    - information systems technology in designing, construction, building maintenance, and science management.

    - building materials and technologies: modern building materials and technologies, the development of nanotechnology in the production of building materials;

    - energy sector and special construction: the development and modernization of technical solutions and technologies with regard to energy, water and environmental construction; geotechnical problems of the building.

    - urban planning; economics and construction management; estate property; housing and communal services and estate property management, modern principles of investment and construction activity management.

Research investigations are carried out in three research institutes, 39 research laboratories and centres, as well as in separate multidisciplinary departments of the University.

The basis of the scientific potential of the University is Scientific Research Institutes, Research and Education Centers, in which unique complexes of high-tech research equipment having no analogues in Russia are concentrated. Research Institutes and Research Educational Centers train researchers and provide the results of intellectual activities. Over the past 5 years, MGSU has achieved more than 100 results of intellectual activities.

MGSU specialists carried out a series of Research and Advanced Development commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, as well as by other ministries, departments, and big organizations, including Olympstroy, Rosnano, JSC Concern Rosenergoatom, the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), OAO Gazprom, JSC Transneft, etc.

MGSU takes an active part in updating the regulatory documents in the construction sector (SNIP, GOST, etc.). Much attention is paid to the actual problem of harmonization of regulatory documents of the Russian Federation to the European standards in the field of construction (Eurocodes). MGSU is a training centre for teachers of the Eurocodes.

An actual purpose of MGSU scientific and innovative activities is training the top qualification specialists in postgraduate and doctoral university. At present candidates for 35 specialities and doctors — for 24 specialities are trained.


Head of the International Cooperation Department: Olga Makarova

Director of Center of International Integration: Olga Guseva

Director of Center for International Education: Elena Pakhomenko

University's international activity is an integral part of preparing highly skilled expert freely orienting in domestic and foreign operational procedures, well acquainted with global construction practice, having a spacious mind and competitive at the global market.

Main directions of international activity:

          - coordination of study of foreign students

    - organization of academic mobility of students;

    - students and post-graduates exchange for work practices and staging with partner higher education institutions;

    - organization of international workshops, roundtables, conferences, forums for students, young scientists and tutors;

    - tutors exchange for lecturing and workshops keeping;

    - joint science-related research performing;

    - co-publishing in scientific journals and collected papers.

Over 150 students, post-graduates and university lecturers annually take part in international exchange programs within the scope of implementation of international contracts with foreign higher educational institutions — partners. Over 200 university lecturers take part in international programs of additional education, qualification improvement, and field study. Over 1500 MGSU students and lecturers take part annually in international conferences, workshops, exhibitions and forums.

One of International Relations Department objectives is:

interaction with foreign higher education institutions in areas of international academic mobility development, coordination of development and implementation of joint educational programs as part of efficient promotion of university internationalization and Bologna process provisions implementation.

Today MGSU offers the number of joint educational programs to students:

Bachelor’s degree (BSc):

- with Technical University of Berlin(Germany) – “Information and construction engineering”

- with Mikkeli University of Applied Science (Finland) – “Building services engineering”

- University named after Guglielmo Marconi (Italy) – “Civil engineering”, “Economics”

Master’s degree (MSc):

- with Bialystok University of Technology (Poland) – “Sanitation and wastewater treatment”

The University makes annual student exchange for field training with Wrocław University of Technology (Poland), Bialystok University of Technology (Poland), Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering (Ukraine), High School of Industrial and Civil Construction (France), University of Eindhoven of Technology (The Netherlands), University of Applied Technical and Economics Sciences in Berlin (Germany), Bauhaus University Weimar (Germany), University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Maribor University (Slovenia).

The best MGSU students are sent to the largest construction companies for field training: Alpine (Austria), Strabag (Austria), МС-Bauchemie (Germany), Vermogen und Bau Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), Bouygues (France), Statens Fastighetsverk (Sweden) and others.

Master's program students and post-graduates from our university pass academic study placement in universities in France (ESTP), Germany (Bauhaus University, Berlin Technical University), China (Harbin University), and Czech Republic (Czech Technical University).

The best MGSU students are sent annually to summer schools at Warsaw University of Technology, High School of Industrial and Civil Construction (Paris), Maribor University, Bauhaus University, and Cambridge University.

MGSU performs diploma students exchanges for exchange education with leading European higher education institutions.

MGSU has broad international relations with universities, scientific institutions, and construction companies from both former USSR and other countries. Currently, MGSU cooperates actively with 108 foreign higher educational institutions from 35 countries. They include: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Scotland, Tajikistan, the USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

The University takes part in EU programs such as Erasmus+, DAAD program “Strategic partnership”, DFG programs as well as in many international projects, including:

- "Eurocodes: introduction and development of European construction standards (Eurocodes) in education system and science-related research";

- Russian-German project "Modern operational procedures in hydrology and water resources protection";

- Russian-Slovenian summer school;

- Russian-Slovenian youth project "Moose Island", and many others.

MGSU takes part in the annual open public competition for obtaining grants from the President of the Russian Federation for Russian students and post-graduates to study at foreign higher educational institutions.

The Center for work with foreign students and language training coordinates study of foreign citizens at all teaching levels and directions implemented at MGSU. Foreign citizens of over 50 countries from all continents study at MGSU Pre-university study programs training: "Russian for foreigners" and "Preparation to entering the University". Over 3,500 engineers, candidates and doctors of science from 108 countries of the world obtained their education at MGSU.

Programs of further professional education in Russian and foreign languages are widely represented and successfully implemented at the centre. MGSU students take an active part in summer language schools in Russia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, Ireland and other countries.


Head: Ivan Marchenko

Administration: carries out educational work and realize the youth policy of the University coordinates the activities of different structures of the University concerning the realization of the youth policy communicates to the Educational work Council, to the responsible for the educational work persons, to the United comity of the trade unions of MGSU, to the youth organizations of the university, to the faculties and institutes informs institutes and faculties about the youth organization activities, about events and planning programs, collaborates with the town, region management structures related to the youth policy.

Advertising and special projects Group organizesMGSU publishes a monthly newspaper «Construction Stuff» about the academic, social and cultural life in MGSU.

Information and Exhibition Service provides:

Departments which are the part of Administration:

  • Youth Center;
  • Student Club;
  • Creative workshop;
  • «Student Active» Group;
  • Student Working Teams: organize the working brigades of  MGSU students; support to find a placement for the student and the sites for the working team activities; supervise the working team activities at the sites

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