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The total area of the real estate assigned to the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering National Research University (MGSU) on the right of operational management makes 337203,9 sq.m., including educational and laboratory base – 178303,1 sq.m., students dormitories – 78316,2 sq.m., public cafeterias – 10511,5 sq.m., sports halls and other covered sports constructions – 13121,4 sq.m., improving complexes, camp and recreation facility – 14118,3 sq.m., other buildings – 42833,4 sq.m.

Information and technical maintenance of activity of university are carried out by the Computer Centre (CC).

The MGSU technical and material base answers all requirements, shown to higher educational institutions: in the main case it is equipped and the first-aid post works, food of the trained is provided by the dining room and buffets of educational cases with the total number of seats – 1 382.

For the organization of educational and cultural and mass work with students, the assembly hall of university and premises of student's club is used.

Exercises and sport are carried out in sports palace of the university in which there are 8 gyms, including the equipped gyms, and also necessary extra rooms. In the summertime, sports events are held on sports bases of the university: "Zolotie pesky" (Krasnodar Krai) and "Bronnitsy" (Moscow Region).

The university has a complex of 10 dormitories more than 5000 places. It allows to provide completely with places all students (4809 people) required the hostel including students who are studied att on a commercial basis (751 persons).

Existence and serviceability of fire extinguishing mean is instructed the personnel on the application of fire extinguishing means.


For the health and life safety of employees, students, visitors of MGSU, there were taken the following measures:

In MGSU the order of control of an entrance and an exit of persons from buildings of the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU) and also the rule of bringing and carrying out of material values, entrance and departure of motor transport is established.

Access control in MGSU is carried out by the bureau of admissions and two departments of protection of Safety Department.

The main objective of access control is the safety of students, teachers and workers of MGSU, and also the implementation of measures for counteraction to possible criminal and terrorist manifestations.

Anti-terrorist and anti-diversionary protection are organized.

Expeditious interaction with local bodies of security services is constantly supported.

The round-the-clock protection of object for implementation is conducted:

  • examination of the arriving freights and subjects on the territory of the object;
  • continuous survey of corridors, landings regarding detection of the ownerless subjects and things which are potentially posing a threat of explosion, the fire, poisoning;
  • control of places of a parking of motor transport near the university.

All repair work which is carried out by the third-party organizations is held under special control security services. The territory, adjacent to the building, contains in an appropriate sanitary state.

An inspection of utility rooms, evacuation and emergency doors which constantly keep closed and sealed is daily carried out, the condition of lattices and protections is checked.

Illumination of the territory of the object in a night-time is constantly controlled.

Existence and serviceability of fire extinguishing means is regularly checked, instructed the personnel on the application of fire extinguishing means.

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