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Project of a world-class campus on the basis of MGSU presented to Vladimir Putin

Project of a world-class campus on the basis of MGSU presented to Vladimir Putin

Project of a world-class campus on the basis of MGSU presented to Vladimir Putin

The project to create a world-class campus on the basis of MGSU was presented to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the site of the International RUSSIA EXPO at VDNH on February, 1. MGSU Rector prof. Pavel Akimov told the President about the dynamics of the recent university development, its scientific potential, contribution to the training of personnel for the construction industry and further prospects, taking into account the construction of a new campus.

In his speech, MGSU Rector Prof. Pavel A. Akimov stated that the world-class campus on the basis of the MGSU will create an innovative scientific and educational environment that unites employers, students, scientific and expert community, developing both sectoral higher, additional professional and secondary vocational education. In general, the MGSU campus can and should become a center of science and innovation in the construction industry, a center of startups and culture, a point of popularization of construction professions and attraction of talents.

The phased implementation of the campus project is scheduled for the period from 2024 to 2035, on the existing territory of MGSU and adjacent sites. It is estimated that the number of full-time students will increase to 20 000, so a new student dormitory for 960 students is planned to be built on the territory. All educational and scientific activities of MGSU will be localized on a single territory with the construction of the campus.

The total cost of scientific equipment in the cluster will be at least 6.26 billion rubles, and educational equipment – at least 1.51 billion rubles. Also, at least 450 million rubles will be needed for landscaping.

Today MGSU is the flagship of construction education and science, the largest civil engineering university in Russia, one of the most important social and cultural centers of the Moscow region. The implementation of such a large-scale project will allow the university to become a center for the strategic development of science and education in the construction industry and housing and communal services, a vertical of continuous industry education will be created, new areas of construction science will be developed, an experimental implementation platform will be created, which in turn will attract more young people to the industry.


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